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Welcome to, my Fiero site! My name is Jim and I'd like to share some of my pictures and videos that I have taken over the years. I began my love affair with the Fiero early in 1984 when a co-worker bought one of the first Fieros available in our town, a white base coupe, as plain as it could be. Manual transmission, no sun roof, crank windows, and I don't even think it even had air conditioning. But I was hooked. When I got to go for a ride, I was disappointed a bit, hoping it would have had more power, but it was an incredibly cool car! I never seriously thought that I would own one with a family on the way. Then one day in late winter of 1985, I walked into our local mall, where every year the dealers in town would have the new model cars there on display. I walked around the corner into the main aisle and there it was, a 1986 SE, gold in color. I was frozen in my tracks. Then I knew I had to have one! They had even ugraded the engine to a V6! (At the time I new nothing of the 85 GT.) Even though we just had our first child in October 1985, somehow I talked my wife (that is, my wife of that time) into letting me sell my first new car ever, a 1979 Sunbird, and get a Fiero. So on June 12, 1986, after having the dealer do a search for cars in the area, I travelled to Albert Lea, MN, and did a test drive of my Fiero. I took posession the next day, Friday, June 13, 1986 at 5:10 pm, and drove it off the lot with a mere 84 miles on the odometer.

My Fiero fever intensified when I saw my first convertible at one of the Wisconsin Feiro Fanatics Dells Run shows. I thought if I was ever to take on a Fiero modification, it would be a convertible. So my journey towards this end started in 1996 with the purchase of my 1986 SE donor car. Finally, after all these years, here are the first pictures of my finished convertible next to my original SE.

My 1986 Fiero SE Coupe and Convertible

My 1986 Fiero SE coupe and convertible My 1986 Fiero SE coupe and convertible My daughter and I took the cars out for a little drive and some photos. Anyone that drives a Fiero knows that heads sometimes turn when you drive by. Seeing two of these in a row raised a bit of attention!

My 1986 Fiero SE coupe and convertible My 1986 Fiero SE coupe and convertible
I anxiously awaited a chance to take these pictures. For a long time I thought the day would never come, but here they are together at last.

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